Building a real-time newsroom | Dana Lacey

Building a real-time newsroom

As the game of journalism evolves, so should the players. With real-time becoming an expected and integral part of content, editors are faced with the responsibility of building real-time-savvy newsrooms. But are all journalists keeping pace?

  • Welcome to the second edition of Scribble Chats! This week, we'll be talking with editors and trainers who have successfully made their newsrooms real-time-savvy. Have a question for our panel? Post it in the comment section. And if you'd like to brush up on your real-time skills in anticipation of this chat, take a look through our training wiki.

    This week's panelists include:

    Steve Buttry, digital transformation editor for Digital First Media
    Shauna Rempel, social media team editor for the Toronto Star and instructor at Centennial College
    Teryl Franklin, platform content manager for both the Wisconsin State Journal and
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