How the Boston bombing was covered in real time | Dana Lacey

How the Boston bombing was covered in real time

The Boston Marathon bombings and Watertown manhunt challenged real-time reporters in many ways. Between the trauma, mixed reports, faulty tweets, photos rushed to publication and people rushing to find loved ones – how did they discern what's right? And how did they make that decision when mere seconds separated them from their competition? This week's chat brings WCVB's Neil Ungerleider and the Toronto Star's Lesley Ciarula Taylor together with five journalists from and the Boston Globe – Adrienne Lavidor-Berman, Wesley Lowery, Martine Powers, Catherine Cloutier and Teresa Hanafin. They'll be discussing how they covered the bombings and aftermath – what they'd do again, what they'd change and what they learned. The chat runs Tuesday, Sept. 17 from 12-1 p.m.

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