How to teach real-time reporting in school

As real-time content becomes increasingly important in the world of journalism, professors are embracing the digital world and bringing liveblogs into the classroom.

  • On August 13 at 1 p.m. ET we will be chatting with experts about using real-time content in the classroom. Our confirmed panelists are Gavin Adamson, assistant professor of journalism, specializing in online and digital media at Ryerson University, and Terra Tailleur, professor of multimedia at the University King's College. Both have been teaching journalism students about liveblogs and will be answering questions about why students should learn about real-time content and how to teach it effectively.
  • Another panelist has agreed to join us tomorrow! Mick Cote, a former journalism student who attended University of King's College (where panelist Terra Tailleur teaches) where he was introduced to liveblogging. He has since worked in a variety of multimedia and journalism positions and is currently working as a multimedia content producer for Spundge. He'll be adding the student perspective to the chat.
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