How to tell long-form real-time stories | Dana Lacey

How to tell long-form real-time stories

When most people think of real-time reporting, they typically think of breaking news that's bookmarked very clearly by space and time: something happens, short posts come in to fill in the blanks, the story ends. But what happens when a story is on-going and has no end in sight? Or if you replace those short updates with robust, article-length posts? This week's Scribble Chat will delve into the world of long-form liveblogging. Why have editors been experimenting with this narrative form, why has it been working and how can you add it to your storytelling quiver? We'll be joined by 3 panelists who've had much success with long-tail real-time reporting to share their views: Margarita Noreiga, editor of live news for Reuters; Chris Dannen, senior editor at FastCo.Labs; and Rachel Pulfer, executive director of Journalists for Human Rights.

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